• Bygenie

BygenieJoaillerie Maison of the XXI century, was born in Paris at the turn of the millennium.

It cherishes the best traditions of the past and bring to life the  imagination of the unrivalled contemporary jewelers of today. Bygenie’s artists, both jewellers and designers, have gathered vast experience and showing deep insight into the world of art and luxury. They are fancy about bringing to life all their “savoir-faire” and skill in the unique jewellery pieces. They are never afraid of experiments, in a permanent quest for new forms that embody the incomparable French elegance. They are the genuine masters of their metier who have inherited trade secrets handed down from generation to generation.

The core clients of Bygenie are collectors whose demands are exceptionally difficult to meet. Such connoisseurs of art are both passionate about their desires and well versed in the finesse of investment. Their private collections are the envy of the best museums in the world.

Every piece of Bygenie jewellery is unique, created as one of a kind piece. The work on Bygenie collections can take almost a year or even longer. Bygenie Unique and Red Carpet Lines are designated for the collectors and connoisseurs of fine art.  Bygenie Classic Line is for those who want to get closely acquainted with the intricate world of Haute Joaillerie.Bygenie’s customers come back again and again and always become loyal admirers and friends of Joaillerie Maison of the XXI century